How to include gists in your tumblr

Simply modify your theme including the following lines of code inside the head tags like below:



Then it’s enough to write the link of desired gist.

Pay attention if you change your theme!

How to use your fork as lib with cocoapods

For who don’t know yet cocoapods. Cocoapods is the best way to manage library dependencies in Objective-C projects.

During last days I forked KGNoise project in order to add gradient layer effect functionality. Here is my fork. Sometimes the maintainer of the projects you fork seems to don’t have the time necessary to examine your fork so you cannot use your version with cocoapods.

But cocoapods is a really awesome project so you can include your fork without putting it on the cocoapods repository. In this way you don’t put the cocoapods repository in dirty state.

Here is an exemple of Podfile including my custom KGNoise library:

KGNoise (my fork and pull request)

I just made a pull request to David, the maintainer of KGNoise library for iOS.

My changes permit to apply a radial gradient below the noise layer in order to show a more brilliant and shine noise. Here you can see the preview. The left and the right panels have the same noise configuration. The only difference is that the left one has the radial gradient applied and the right one no.

Here is the source code.

Red Bull Stratos

10/8/2012 stay tuned!

Red Bull Stratos

10/8/2012 stay tuned!

Ruby: One line code to count divs

How to count divs with one line code (Ruby).

of course must load nokogiri and open-uri